What is 3D printing?

A 3D printer print on base from digital designs, 3 dimensional objects through the object to build layer by layer .

What kind of products can be print?

Actually, all objects can be print, as long as you've got a design of it. Read here more about getting the 3D model.

From what kind of material does a 3D print exist?

  • ABS
  • PLA
  • Pet
  • Resin
  • Hout

For what kind of things you can use 3D prints?

  • A 3D print can be very usefull, but also funny. Think about prototypes or relationship presents.
  • 3D prints are being used in the medical world
  • Artist uses 3D prints
  • It is easy and quick to get a 3D model from a house or kitchen
  • You can easily get a scalemodel

What are the benefits for 3D printing?

  • As long as you have a digital design, you can always print the design againa and again. In this way, you can easily replace broken objects.
  • Not all objects can be used with machines. Sometimes an obejct can only be printed.
  • Quick, easy and cheap.
  • Unique prints possible.

Why 3DRene?

3DRene is the personal 3D webshop that works at fastness and quality. Within max 12 hours after an order is placed, I contact you about the order or to speak about questions and wishes. To get the highest goal, I do have intensive contact about the length from the 3D print time and the time it takes till you have the print in your hands..

Why a 3D print webshop?

While 3D printers are getting cheaper and more sophisticated , the price for a good quality printer still remains very high to occasionally make a 3D print. Some 3D designs have to be restored before it can be printed. The finishing of them can also be tricky. Not everyone has the knowledge or the time to do it.

Can I paint my print?

Yes, its possible for the most prints. Ask for it at a hobby shop.

Is the print harmfull for my healhtness?

The print is print with different kind of materials. those are not harmfull for your healhtness. But, in some cases, the print is finsihed with aceton. So, please don't put it in your mount, or eat it. Unless it is chocolate.

Can I let you design something?

In some cases it is possible to have something designed. This requires as many photos and dimensions of the object as possible. Send me an email for this.